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I decided to compile all my fics and make a list so that it's easier to find and stuff.
It's sorted accordingly too~
Basically all YamaChii~ Haha. I'm bias.
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Thank you! My readers and supporters! Without you, I won't have to motivation to continue writing! <3

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JinguIwa Fic

Untitled (until I figure one out)
Word count: Unknown

Genki stood in the darkness, his eyes glowing red as he watched his fellow friends attack the remaining villagers. The earth was soaked with blood and its thick scent hung in the air. It was night but the moon was glowing brightly, not that it mattered to Genki, he could see clearly in the dark. As clear as if it was daytime.
Genki licked the last drop of blood off his lips and smirked. He had warned them, stupid humans. He had warned them about getting close to his property, to where they were but they obviously do not listen. Foolish villagers. Now, they have to pay. He watched as the last few ended up on the ground, it ended fast so they probably felt no pain nor were they even aware that it happened. The wind blew strong, causing his cloak to flutter around him. Suddenly he heard a sob, spinning around he found a small boy crouched in a corner. He seemed to be crying, his head buried under his arms. Soft sobs came from within and Genki made his way to him.
He looked barely 10, judging from his size.
Genki always had a soft spot for kids, he had no idea why and currently his heart ached for the boy. If, he even had one from the start.
His eyes stopped glowing red as he squatted down in front of the boy.
His voice came out soft, barely a whisper but the boy jumped anyway. His head snapped up and Genki say his eyes widen in surprise.
"Hey~" he tried again and all he got was the boy trying to move further away from him, backing against the wall.
At least he responded, that's a start.
"You don't have to be afraid" Genki lifted his hand and reached to him, the boy flinched but stayed where he was and let Genki pat his head.
He stared at Genki with wide eyes, his voice trembling "I...I don't..?"
Genki chuckled and started tousling his hair, "of course not".
That gesture accompanied with his laughter seemed to calm the boy down and Genki smiled at that.
"What's your name?"
"Jinguji. Jinguji Yuta."
Genki nodded, as if considering something. Then he stood up and offered his hand to the boy. "I'll call you Jin-chan. Are you coming?"
Jin-chan hesitated, before reaching out his own and taking Genki's hand, pulling himself up in the process.
The wind blew and he shivered.
Genki smiled once again and pulled at his hand, letting Jin-chan fall into his arms.

-6 years later-

Jin-chan stumbled out of bed, yawning and stretching as he did. His hair stood up messily but he didn't bother to comb it straight. Getting out of his room, he walked down the deserted hallway, heading to the only room he'll be rather than his.
It was a room decorated with an antique door, a fanciful doorknob finishing off as an art piece. Jin-chan didn't bother knocking and proceeded in directly. The room was dark, not that it ever wasn't. Dark curtains covered the windows and only a stream of sunlight was allowed through a small one in the corner.
Genki looked up from the book he was reading upon hearing a sound.
"Ohayou" he smiled as Jin-chan came walking in sleepily.
"Ohayou~" Jin-chan stifled another yawn and walked over to Genki, leaning over the chair and onto him.
"What are you reading~?"
Genki had grown fond of this boy and had enjoyed himself playing with him while he grew up. Irritatingly, he had grown taller than Genki and now he has to tilt his head slightly to talk to him when they both stand. Of course Genki never changed. Not to his height nor to his facial features. He looked exactly the same.
Genki closed the book with a soft thump and reached out to ruffle Jin-chan's hair. A gesture that had become his habit whenever he sees him.
"Your hair's a mess.."
Jin-chan shrugged, carelessly reaching up to pull his hair straight. He climbed into Genki's chair, squeezing in the small space that was available and snuggled up to him. Genki rolled his eyes then froze, as Jin-chan's neck came close to him. He could hear his blood pulsing within the veins and he strained to keep himself from baring his fangs. No, he wouldn't attack Jin-chan and he wouldn't turn him. It's just wrong. Gracefully, he stood up from the chair, causing Jin-chan to fall sideways into it and earning a pout.
"Let's have breakfast~" with that, he strolled out of the room and into the dining area.
[Music Station][20140210-2339510]

755.1 MB
Includes: Mini Station, OP, Talk, Live (AinoArika), Small Window (actually I kinda cut the whole thing in cause they were too active), Back (almost all inside, except for those 0.00002secs where the cam zoomed past), ED.
Ah! Inoo! Arioka!!!

Original full file from 你什么都没有看到.
Did the cut myself and they were too hyper, I had a hard time trying to locate every shoot of them and add them in. D: Why so cute.

*No re-post, No Hotlink, No claiming as own, No whatever that is not right.
*It would be really nice of you if you could link whoever wants it to this journal straight.

Would apppreciate if you would leave a comment when taking! :D
Enjoy JUMP's cuteness!!!

P.S: Watched it live and the shock when Inoo-chan appeared in black hair. :0 (sorry if you didn't know and this became a spoiler)


Title: Believe
Pairing: YamaChii, Ryutaro
Genre: fluff?
Rating: PG
Word count: 721 words

Yuri was about to leave the building when he heard a call from somewhere behind him. He turned around and found Yamada jogging up to catch up with him and gave him a smile.
"Leaving already?"
Yuri nod.
"Let's go together."
Yamada didn't wait for a reply from Yuri but simply walked on together with him, their pace matched.

It was more sub-concious than anything else, when Yuri stopped in front of the door that led them outside, allowing Yamada to push open it for him even though he was the one who reached it first.
The cold air hit them as soon as the door opened and Yuri shivered slightly, holding his bag closer to him in an attempt to keep himself warm.
Yamada noticed his shiver and sighed inwardly. He then proceed to remove his jacket to place it over Yuri's shoulder. He still have his thick cardigan, he'll survive. Yuri never seem to listen to him whenever he nagged at him to wear more clothes. His words of advice always falling on deaf ears and before he know it, it has become a habit to bring something extra just in case Yuri needs it.
Yuri looked up at him and gave him a smile of gratitude before proceeding to pull the ends Yamada's jacket closer together. It was already warm inside and he was grateful for it.

The both walked on in silence, heading to the train station to catch the train home.
It was late in the night and they had been practising the dance for their newest single. With the upcoming year end music programmes and such, JUMP had been trying to gather everyone together as much as possible to practise their dance steps. Despite everyone's busy schedule, they managed to squeeze in a few hours everyday and Yamada had to admit that it felt good to be with his members.
They would always gather together after a few rounds of practising, chatting and laughing while they gulped down bottles of water and wiped the sweat that stuck their shirts to them.
He love being around JUMP but somehow he couldn't help but think that it wasn't the same anymore, not since that incident happened.

JUMP has 10 members, started with 10 and will always be 10.
Even their group name has 10 alphabets in it. That meant something, right?
Yamada knew that he probably was just thinking too much into it but something just feels off whenever he mentioned "the 9 of us" or "JUMP as 9". It just sounds so wrong.
He could never get used to it, no matter how much time passed.
He sighed once again, not noticing that this time it was out loud, which led to Yuri's look of concern directed to him.
Yamada gave him an apologetic smile and after a few minutes of silence, he let the question he's been asking himself all this while out.

"Chinen, do you think Ryutaro has a chance to be back with us?"
Yuri looked at him, bit his lower lip and sighed.
"I don't know."
"Maybe if all of us begged them for it, it might happened?"
"Maybe and I really hope they will, Ryosuke."

Yamada smiled. JUMP was nothing but united and if there's any member who need help, he could be assured that the whole group will be supporting him.
"Maybe after he graduate from Horikoshi, we would get him back."
Yuri nodded to that and smiled. "Ryu-chan said he wanted to complete his studies right? So after he graduate, he can be back! He knows everyone's waiting for him."
Yamada smiled back at him. His hopes getting high. He don't see how it's impossible, if Ryutaro fights for it and if JUMP fights for it, they couldn't possible refuse them right? The fans have been waiting, even the management knows that. They recieve letters and letters on Ryutaro, asking if he will be back soon, demanding for Ryutaro's appearance. It would be stupid to not let him return to JUMP.

Yamada slung his arm around Yuri's shoulder and hugged him closer. Yuri smiled happily at him and Yamada chuckled.
"Let's wait for him."
Yuri nodded and they fell silent again, this time walking slowly together with Yamada's arm still over Yuri's shoulder.
The night felt warmer.


A/N: Haven't write since forever and I hope you like this. ^^

Tengoku no Koi Download List

I figured since I'm already downloading it, I might as well upload to share.
A drama featuring Takada & Uchi, afternoon drama so beware, it was said to be boring and shitty.
I'm watching it for Takada anyway.
Hoping someone subs it!!

*All files are downloaded from weibo in .ts format
*All files are in 1280x720 .avi format.
*will update when I have time
*Please credit if re-posting


Enjoy! :D

Because Kento look like some Arabic prince, I can't resist his solo shots <3

Since I can't find any cuts for them I decided to do it myself.

To download:
https://mega.co.nz/#!DMNBQZYB (229.7 MB/.avi/1280x720)

Credits: Full file from jpopsuki

Bad Dream

Title: Bad Dream
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: angst, fluff
Rating: PG
Word count: 774 words

Yuri’s POV

I felt your hand leave mine and along it the warmth you gave me. The cold wind blew through and I shivered a little. A strange feeling hit me and it made me feel like throwing myself into your arms, to hug you tight and to feel your arms around me. Instead of doing that, I stood where I was and waved goodbye to you. My eyes followed as you walk away, your smile disappearing as you turn around the corner.

“Bye bye” I softly whispered.

Yamada’s POV

It was the last. This is what I had to do and I would not regret it. It’s time I stop receiving those kindness from you, your love and your smile. I had to do this and I knew that if I told you, you wouldn’t agree. You would stop me and that would be wrong. I can’t be selfish anymore. This is my decision and I hope one day, you would understand.

Today I leave you Chinen Yuri, the one I loved most.

“Bye bye” My tears start to fall.

Yuri woke up with a start, his heart thumping loudly. He swallowed hard, his lips dry. Was that a dream? It felt so real, too real to his liking. Attempting to calm himself down, Yuri took a few gulps of air and licked his lips. The faint glow in the far distance showed that it was around 3am in the morning.

He started to calm down a little but there was this uneasy feeling in his heart. It felt heavy and it felt wrong. Was it his imagination? The dream had felt so real and the more he thought about it, the more uneasy he becomes.

Fumbling with his blanket, he got out of bed and grabbed his phone from the desk beside. Keying in the familiar number, he waited as it rang. Every ring it takes, his heart sank. It can’t be true. Ryosuke’s fine, he’s probably sleeping. Yuri kept repeating to himself but nothing seems to go in and nothing could ensure him that Yamada’s fine except for his voice and him saying that he is.

The phone clicked and he heard silence at first.


Soft breathing could be heard and then suddenly, “Hai..?” He sounded sleepy, as if Yuri just woke him up and he probably did but that doesn’t matter. Yuri felt better and he breathed again. He didn’t realized that he was holding his breathe all the while.


“Mmmhmmm,” it sounded more like mumbling than an answer but Yuri took that as an answer, and then the soft and steady breathing returned and Yuri couldn’t help but smile. He hanged up and sighed. It was just a dream and he had panicked, thinking that Yamada was gone for real but that was stupid, he was stupid.

Yuri sat in his bed for a while longer, then got up and got changed. A phone call apparently wasn’t enough; he had to see him, to touch him. He called for a cab, and reached Yamada’s house in a few minutes. Standing outside the door, he hesitated. It was early in the morning after all, somehow, it sounds like a bad idea.

But he was already there and turning back seemed more stupid than barging in. Fishing the keys out of his pocket, he let himself in as quietly as he could and crept up the stairs to Yamada’s room.

The outline of Yamada’s sleeping form rises and falls slowly to the steady rhythm of his breathing and Yuri smiled. He felt much better already.

Sitting down beside Yamada’s bed, he watched Yamada sleep and softly caress his cheeks.

“Ryosuke gomen ne..”

His voice was barely a whisper but Yamada stirred and his eyes fluttered open.


Voice thick with sleep, he blinked and focus his eyes on Yuri, a frown forming between his eyebrows.


Yuri chuckled as he watch Yamada frown further, puzzled with Yuri’s sudden appearance.

“What are you doing here?”

Yuri shook his head and nudged Yamada gently, asking for entrance to his bed.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Yamada nodded sleepily and moved further in to let Yuri in, lifting his blanket up for him. Yuri climbed in and settled himself down, snuggling closer to Yamada and rested his head on Yamada’s arm. Yamada smiled and tucked him in, hugging him when he does so.


Yamada kissed Yuri softly on the head and then lay down, falling back into sleep easily.

“Oyasumi.” He couldn’t help but snuggle closer, feeling Yamada’s warmth envelope him and then slowly, he fell into a deep sleep.


A/N: Debated whether to type this out, cause I was so lazy but I did in the end. Haha. Finally letting one I composed in my head out. Hope you like it!

You're Gone

Title: You're Gone
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: angst
Rating: PG
Word count: 328 words

Note: Inspired by S.H.E - 你不会. Youtube it and listen while you read! :D Enjoy!

Yuri sat on the ground in his room, things scattered around him. Tears fell but he could not be bothered about it. Nothing matters anymore. He stared at nothing in particular and let the tears continue to flow.

Memories flashed.

The cup was the first present he received, and ever since then Yuri would not use any other cup to drink.

The scarf was a gift when they went on a trip together. A short trip to somewhere near the countryside, it was cold then and he wrapped this around Yuri’s neck from behind. The warmth he felt was deep within his heart.

Then it was the camera. He had given it along with a small card, promising to mark down every memory they had from then on with him.

Last was the ring, now lying cold and void of love on the ground. He had bought it and presented it to him as a surprise, along with a promise that he would always treasure him with his heart.

Yuri could not believe what Yamada had told him. The truth was bare and it hurt badly, cutting into his heart as he thought more about the times they have shared.

The first time Yamada held his hand, the first time he hugged him and the first time they shared a kiss. The warmth he received, the increase in his heart beat and more than anything else, the happiness he felt.

Everything is gone now.

Yuri could not believe it. How could this happen. Now, Yamada had someone else more important than he was. Someone else that was more precious, one that he loves more. Yuri could not believe that Yamada would destroy what they had, to crush his heart and to leave him behind.

But the truth lay bare in front of him, Yamada had ignored his tears, his pleas and had left as if Yuri was worth nothing.

Yuri’s tears continue to fell. His world has ended.


Title: Realisation
Pairing: FumaKen
Genre: fluff?
Rating: PG
Word count: 465 words

Fuma propped his head up with his hand and looked at Kento, typing away on his company across him.
"Hmm?" Kento replied without looking away from his computer.
"Remind me why I'm here again? 'Studying'", he quoted the air with his free hand, "with you?"
This time Kento looked up from his report and looked at Fuma, struggling to get an answer out.
"Uhm... because..... I need someone with me when I'm doing this?"
Fuma rolled his eyes and sighed. “I must be crazy, we're not even in the same course!"
"But... you came," Kento pointed out with a smile. To which Fuma gave another sigh.
"Whatever, I'm gonna sleep." With that, he proceed to lie on the table, using his arms as cushions.
Kento gave him a slight glance and chuckled. "Hai, oyasumi."

Almost 2 hours had passed and Kento is finally done with his report, satisfied with himself, he stood up and stretched, soothing his sore muscles. His eyes landed on Fuma's sleeping form and he couldn't help but yawn. He probably should get some rest too, with this thought and one last long stretch, Kento moved over to the other side of the table. Not bothering to clear up his research materials and all, he settled down beside Fuma and mimicked Fuma's posture. All except for the direction he faced, he turned his head to Fuma and with a whisper of another "oyasumi”, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

It was around sunset when Fuma woke up. The room was dark but glowed orange as the sun light spilled through the window. Fuma blinked as he stirred but froze when he found Kento sleeping so near him. He could see Kento's sleeping face up close, a slight smile etched on his face as if he was having a sweet dream. Fuma smiled.

Always during times like these, Fuma would feel something weird stirring inside him. A strange sense of protectiveness. A strong urge to keep Kento close. A feeling in his heart which he couldn't explain with words. He often wondered what it meant and as he watch Kento sleep, slowly it came to him and Fuma thinks he knows why.

"Nakajima..." he softly whispered, careful not to wake him up. "I think.....I think I'm in love with you..." The words came out naturally, slightly shocking Fuma and he couldn't help but blush at his bold statement. He had said it out loud. He admitted to his feelings. It felt real and it felt true. He knows that his person right in front of him is the one he wants to protect.

Kento mumbled something in his sleep and Fuma smiled. Leaning over, he gave Kento a soft kiss on his cheeks before standing up and exiting the room.


It's not particularly fluff or anything but I just felt like writing it cause it came to me.
Comments please! :D